Creative Director – Branding Strategy

Jonah Gilmore

Creative Director ~ Branding Strategy ~ Social Media Marketing
You know you need Social Media Marketing, but don’t know where to start?
How can Studio Rocket Science help you with your Brand strategy? Your Social Media content? Your Customer engagement & retention?
Every company is unique, and have unique customers, so your advertising & social media should be unique as well.
We offer a full service marketing solution for all your Social media & advertising needs, from social media content, marketing & posting strategy, contests & customer engagement. Guaranteed to increase your followers and traffic organically. Affordable packages starting at $400 a month.
What types of posts, graphics, images or videos will create the most impact for your business? What’s involved in producing an effective photo or video ad or commercial? Models, product, timeline, direction, location, styling, conceptual look, lighting, etc., We provide you with what you need.
Your style is our style | Full service Photography & Video | Art Direction & Marketing consultation | We provide what you need, within your budget & with Marketable results.

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