Architectural & Corporate

Jonah Gilmore

Specializing in Architectural Advertising & Lifestyle Photography & Video. High quality, Affordable & Easy to work with, we shoot quickly, efficiently and take images that get your business noticed.
What makes ones Architectural photography stand out more than others? Quality natural lighting plays a key role in getting your work noticed. Quality lighting looks natural and helps emphasise particular design elements as well as guides the viewers eye on a balanced and specific path, subconsciously leaving them wanting to see more and enjoying looking at your photograph and work. Quality Lighting is balanced between outdoors & indoors, the exteriors are not excessively “blown out” or too bright, the foreground light is balanced with the background and follows a natural light source pattern, there are not excessive or harsh shadows, lighting fixtures are not “blown out” or too bright, there are not unwanted reflections on surfaces, and the color temperature or tone is balanced & natural.
We look forward to hearing about your next project and providing you with a project specific & affordable quote.